structural engineers
quality is the future

We are a specialized office that, in the course of its existence, was mainly involved in projects of scale but also to that of private sector.

In the 39 years of office existence, a very well organised project archive and a large specialized technical literature can guarantee that our designs are scientifically and technically perfect.
We are equipped with latest technology software and hardware that follows well established standards so that remote electronic communication and co-operation with other parties is feasible.  
Up to now many structural designs made, on many types of projects, on behalf of individuals, consulting firms, major contractors and in public sector through government contracts.
In all our dealings we honor our customers and the our agreements. Basic components are the stable relationship, trust and execution of the work we have assigned, to the time it was agreed

Issues of
A memorandum to EN 1998
This text is intended more to summarize than to explain the Standard, to someone who has already read it, including the main points along with those of the Greek N.A. and, to the extent possible, the texts in which the Standard refers.
Modeling for Seismic Performance Assessment of an RC Building
Study of typical RC structures build between 1950 and 1970 in Southern Europe.
Experimental data is compared with numerically results using three different kind of non linear, force-based, fiber beam-column elements.
Euripus Strait old steel drawbridge
What would be your reaction if you learned that Euripus mobile (draw)bridge is already a modern bridge since 1998?